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I've only worked for fashion bug for FOUR MONTHS!! It's already the worst job, after working several jobs for years.

They give me the worst hours! Granted it's part time and it's retail but I went from having 40 hours for three weeks to getting two days (less than ten hours) for the past month.

Every day for the past four months except for one day, I've gone in for every single other associate who has called in (which usually happens two or three times a week) and I've gone in earlier just to help them with their scheduling mistakes!!! I've only called in once and I got yelled at EVEN THOUGH I had coverage.

So now onto the annual reviews!!! I got mine. Out of a three, I got scored a one. WHY?! Because I'm still a new associate and I don't know procedures and my charge goal isn't consistent. Now that's hilarious!!! Because I've been there four months and I've gotten 45 charges!!!!! As opposed to a MANAGER who's only had 44 and an associate who only has 31. And they've been there all year!!! I've been there four months!!! The charge captain for our store, who has the highest charge amount, only has 109 charges and she's also been there ALL YEAR. But of course, my charge goal is inconsistent. If I had been there all year my charges would be the highest!! (assuming i got 45 more in an 8 month period instead of 4 months) which is a piece of cake compared to what i've been doing!!

So next week, when the store manager reads me my review (in her quirky miss piggy tone) I'm going to tell her exactly what I think, and walk out and quit. I'm sick of not being appreciated there. I've gone to *** and back for them. I stay literally all night once getting done what the store manager never did. Good thing I just got a job right next door ;)

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I thought it was fashion bug , and always looked forward to seeing what the creative associates were going to wear next during my next shopping spree but the other day I walked in to see everyone in jeans and a oversized t-shirt !!! Blue no less.

I ask who's bright idea was bug always set the bar for great fashion and their assioates always wore what was sold which is one huge reason why I always over purchased , After reading the coments above I must say I now know why after telling everyone in the store I'm not interested in the card its still pushed on me. Now uniforms, a new Ross opened up down the st. And to my suprise wearing blue.

I must say their outfits were much cuter so fashion bug ur compatition is lookin pretty good. I am here to tell you I used to be a fashion bug but Ross here I come with Cash in hand...


Glad you quit!! I lasted 15 months.

I don't know how. They are the most critical, unappreciative bunch I've ever met in my life. The girls in the store were all hard workers (except the asst. mng), but corporate.


They don't really care about customers or employees, they just want to make money off their almost 30% interest credit card. STAY AWAY

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