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Let me start off by saying that I personally know one of the “managers” of the Walnutport fashion bug. I am actually dating her son and have regretfully lived with her for several months in 2007. I have never done anything to this head case and yet for the past couple months she has been spreading rumors to all of her co workers about me…..and may I add that these rumors are being spread while she is on the clock at fashion bug, and supposed to be working.

You may ask “How I know she is spreading rumors?” Well, during an argument in-between this “manager” and myself she bluntly stated that she is indeed “talking about me to her co-workers.” I believe that a woman of her age should not be spreading rumors about a woman much younger and especially during work. Is she not supposed to be taking care of her store? She also stated with pride “that the women at fashion bug agree with what she has to say about me.” I will mention that none of these girls who work at this specific fashion bug know me personally. Also, after stating that she is talking about me, she also stated what she is saying. This manager, whom is supposed to be professional during store hours, is telling the other women she works with that:

1. “I am a bad mother to my child”

2. “I am only useful because I open my legs for her son” (gross, what mother talks about her sons sex life openly?)

3. “I am not a good woman for her son because I do not iron his clothes, cook all his meals, and take care of him”

4. “I am a ***” (Far from the truth, I have respect for myself and my body)

5. “Her son is not happy with me because he does not glow” (I thought only women could glow when they were expecting?)

I just want to state that I am a single mother and love my son with all my heart. I receive no child support from my sons dead beat father. I work hard holding up a job to support my son while attending college full time. I am working hard to graduate college so I can offer my son a better future and provide for him. I also want to add that her son is very happy with me and is glad that we met each other. Her son and I also agree that we are each others perfect EQUAL match. Equal means that in a relationship both partners are treated equal…..I am not subjected to all the housewife duties just because I am a female so WAKE UP its year 2008! Lastly, I would like to add that this “manager” lives and breathes to talk about other people. Talking about other people allows her to hide her own insecurities.

My family and I used to shop at this fashion bug a lot because it was convenient and local. Due to this certain “immature manager” we all refuse to stop spending our money at a store that would allow rude behavior from a professional manager.

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Grow up!


I'm going to be straight up with you: it sounds like you have a personal issue with this manager, and corporate is probably not going to take you seriously. If you were just a random customer and were complaining about this woman's on the job demeanor that you personally witnessed, maybe they would care.

But it seems you just want to complain about a personal argument the two of you had outside of store business, so no one is going to take it seriously. Sorry.

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