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I have been a shopper of Fashion Bug since I was 17 yrs old, now I am 53, up unitil now I bought all of my clothers from Fashion Bug aand always used my 30 year old charge account. I am very offended and appauled at the new way you have catered to plus sizes, evan in my bill you aver advertised plus sizes too much and they took over alomost the whole store, Iknow the world is over weight but there are alot of people who are still petite and size 4 and also junior size which you have recently taken out of your Baltimore stores.

I paid off my account. I will no longer need it. There was a time I walked into the store and had arm fulls of clothes, now I go in and find nothing. It is very sad to see you go down like this you were a bug part of my life as far as wardrobe went.

I guess you must make more money on large and plus sizes. You will miss a very large spending customer, my bill has never been paid off in the past 20 years.

You may look up my account for proof of this letter

Sincerely Denise M. Betz 410-446-4204

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No. She's right.

All the clothes are different and suck.

Have you two even been in one of their stores lately. Try opening your eyes.


You probably pull this *** at Lane Bryant too, don't you? :roll


Don't let the door hit you on your boney *** on the way out.

to Sheldonrs #699755

Um, I thought personal attacks were supposed to be deleted??

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